Moringa Water (coming soon)

Sakura moringa water contains highly concentrated moringa extract with small molecules.

Moringa Water

Obtained from the leaves, stems, and trunk of the tree, our moringa water is full of nutrients, unlike regular moringa tea.
For Sakura moringa water, small molecules are extracted in high concentration from stems and trunks. The use of such highly concentrated liquid extracts with abundant nutrients means you absorb everything from moringa. Liquid has a higher absorption rate to the body than powder, meaning all of the vitamins, amino acids, and minerals are easily absorbed.

The amazing substances in Sakura moringa water

Moringa Water

This product contains eleven kinds of nonessential amino acids produced in the body and nine essential amino acids that cannot be produced in the body, as well as a number of vitamins.
Being rich in amino acids also makes it possible for the product to easily and fully support your healthy life, for diet, a stronger immune function, recovery from tiredness, and elastic skin.

"Moringa" - an upcoming superfood

Moringa Water

Moringa is an evergreen, deciduous tree of Moringaceae Martinov. The fast-growing tree is cultivated in the southern foothills of the Himalayas mountain in northwest India and widely in tropical and subtropical regions. According to a publication on traditional "Ayurveda" medicine, the origins of which lie in the ancient Indian civilization, they are effective in the prevention of some 300 diseases.
The plant has strong vitality and grows fast. All parts of the tree, including the roots, trunk, leaves, and branches, can be used, in addition to the flowers and seeds. Nothing is wasted, which is how it acquired the name "miracle tree."

Recommended if you:

Moringa Water

- suffer from constipation
- are concerned about the nutrition while dieting
- have rough skin, dryness, swelling
- have a low intake of vegetables due to irregular eating habits
- are looking for a source of natural minerals, vitamins, and amino acids
- need a good night's sleep
- easily become or are always tired, or are often stressed
- suffer from hay fever or other allergies
- have high blood pressure or blood glucose level
- care for your health and beauty

Strong support for busy people

- assists stress-free eating habits
- helps maintain health and boosts the immune system
- helps with weight loss
- can help prevent diabetes by reducing blood glucose level
- aids recovery from tiredness resulting from detox
- helps to compensate for a diet lacking in vegetables

Moringa is rich in amino acids

Moringa Water

North Indian native plant often used in Ayurveda
Grown chemical-free in nature-rich Okinawa

Liquefaction via a technology to extract small molecules in a high concentration

Moringa Water

Liquid has a higher absorption rate to the body than powder.
People often lack vitamins, amino acids, and minerals in everyday life. These can be absorbed easily from this product.